Little Haveli on the Prairie 2015

by Sita Bell

Sita Bell is a Modern, Instinctually Feminine Fashion brand with tastes of Orient and Regal Romance.

True Feminine Elegant designs for Daytime, Professional and Evening.

Hand woven and Ethically sourced Organic Cottons, Natural dyes and Hand Block Print. Supporting Cottage Communities and Conscious living.

A stream of Modest collections that exemplify Simplicity and quality in perfect Balance and Union.

An offering of Love, Gratitude and Devotion BHAKTI in attempt to bring Sambhandha, relationship into the all standards of work, in line with Authentic and Eternal codes of Craft, Trade and Morality in Ambiance.

This collection Is the first collection by Sita Bell, it unifies characteristics of the western class, 1950’s elegance and Victorian delicate charm with Eastern Volume and prints.
The collection is formed of subtle but powerful pieces that accentuate feminine curves and delicacy.

Collection colours are Black, White and Red with Black Motifs screen printed.

Sita Bell 150307 01_0073